Geilo has Everything to Offer!

Øen Turistsenter & Geilo Vandrerhjem is a perfect starting point for all the activities connected with Geilo-either you want to ski downhill, go cross country skiing, hiking in the mountains, hunting or fishing. 

Overnight well and reasonably at Øen Turistsenter & Geilo Vandrerhjem, and participate in everything that Geilo has to offer!

Pictures by Roger Brennhagen, Terje Bjørnsen, and Destination Geilo.

Snow Kiting

Hardangervidda is one of the best places in the world for snow kiting. When staying at Øen Turistsenter you are only a short drive away from it.


Geilo is one of Norway's largest winter-sports areas. Øen Turistsenter & Geilo Vandrerhjem is a quaint and reasonable alternative when you want to enjoy yourself on skis at one of Geilo's many alpine slopes. Read more about alpine/snowboard at Geilo here.

See a video taken by a school group that stayed with us in January 2013, here.


Taking the ski bus from Øen Turistsenter & Geilo Vandrerhjem is an easy way to get to the alpine slopes in a few minutes.

Cross Country Skiing

When staying at Øen Turistsenter & Geilo Vandrerhjem , you can put your skis on right outside the door; enabling you to immediately enjoy the good conditions in the well-prepared tracks of Geilo. If you are in a training-modus, the biathlon stadium is located just a stone's throw away from us. In conjunction with the stadium is a fantastic floodlighted track. Read more about cross country at Geilo and see a live update over prepared tracks.

Skarverennet 2015


Geilo is a great starting point for exciting bicycle trips. Jump on your bike and roll slowly or pedal hard on the quiet roads, fine trails-in the woods, on the mountains, through the valley, or along the fjord.

Read more about: Bike Tours Geilo and Surroundings, Freeride Biking, Rallarvegen (The Navvy Road), and Biking Around Ustedalsfjorden.


The route is adapted for the experienced and for those who the bike race is mostly a nice trip. The start is at the Hol Old Church, and the goal is the center of Geilo.

The exercise classes have a route length of 45 km and the competition classes have a route length of 55 km.


Whether you would like to wander slowly on short trips or would prefer more intense hikes, Geilo is the perfect starting point for experiencing the mountains.

Read more about: Hiking, Hiking with a Guide, Hallingskarvet National Park, Hardangervidda National Park, Sherpa Trail Up to Hallingskarvet, and Around Ustadalsfjorden.

Hunting and Fishing

Geilo has great hunting grounds. Øen Turistsenter & Geilo Vandrerhjem sells hunting licenses for small game at Skorpa and Hallingskarvet Statsallmenninger.

Read more about: Fishing, Fishing with a Guide, and Hunting.

The river Bardøla runs right beside Øen Turistsenter & Geilo Vandrerhjem and our guests are welcome to fish there for free. Fishing otherwise in the area requires a fishing license.

There are many other activities that you can enjoy in the Geilo area. Please read more about all the exciting activities offered here.